Use a “Zoom background message” to show how you feel

If you too are “not very happy” about Montclair Public Schools not reopening on Monday 1/25/2021 (because the school apparently will not have enough staff, including teachers), you can protest by adding a virtual background to your kid’s Zoom. Below are a few templates you can download and use.

You can either have your kid in front of it, or tape your webcam and leave only the background!

For instructions on how to set it up and disappear from the screen, click here.

If you want to add your own template to the list, please email it to us at


  • Click on the template you like
  • Click right on the file to save it on your computer.
  • When on zoom, click on the arrow next to the camera icon, and click Choose Virtual Background
  • Click on “+” to upload your background and then select it to highlight it.
  • Add a masking tape on your camera to disappear from the screen and leave only your message…