NY Mag: ‘I Want to Meet My Teacher’ A war over reopening schools has upended the progressive politics of the New Jersey suburbs.


One drizzly Saturday in December, around a hundred suburbanites gathered in the New Jersey town of Maplewood for a scrupulously rule-abiding protest. “We have extra masks and hand sanitizer and extra wipes for everyone who needs them,” Julie Fry, an organizer, announced through a pink medical mask. Her microphone, which she’d disinfected with an alcohol towelette, was connected to a bullhorn a safe distance away, held by a woman wearing an L.L.Bean windbreaker and a mask that asked “WWRBGD?” They stood together as families, in well-spaced clusters, in front of a stone-faced public building.

Full article here: https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2021/01/maplewood-new-jersey-school-reopening.html

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